Recreational Permit (RPP)

This permit is for very recreational flying. MFC Training offers recreational permit courses which allow a pilot to earn their wings earlier than a private pilot license. This permit only allows a pilot to fly with 1 passenger, during the day only, in non-high performance aircraft.


Candidates must be 16 years of age for the issuance of a Recreational Pilot Permit; however they may begin at the age of 14.


The candidate will also be required to complete a minimum of a Category 4 medical approved by Transport Canada.

Program Description

The recreational permit is for those of you looking to fly for leisure. It will allow you to fly during the day only and with only one passenger on board.


Flight times listed are based on Transport Canada minimums of 25 hours. Average times can be in the 35 hour range. Please contact us for a more personalized estimate.


*15% HST is applicable to RPP training

**All prices subject to change without notice

Cost Estimate

Requirement Hours Rate Cost
Dual Training - single engine 18 326.00 $5,868.00
Solo Training - single engine 7 231.00 $1,617.00
Ground briefings 21 97.00 $2,037.00
Books and Equipment $767.00
Flight Test and Licensing Fees (TC) $640.00
Total Estimated Cost $10,929.00

*Total price based on Transport Canada minimums required to complete
**All prices subject to change

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Kevin Michaud
There are a lot of specialized operations out there flying in fascinating, remote parts of the world; doing interesting things with air planes. I love what I do for a living; really... It has been, and still is an incredible adventure! And I certainly won't ever forget that it all started in Moncton.


Kathleen Legge
From my first step inside dispatch, to my first ground school class through to my first flight at MFC, something just clicked & I knew that this was world-class training. The facilities & staff at MFC really were the deciding factor in my decision to pursue a career as a professional pilot.

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