Bachelor of Arts in Aviation (IATP) in partnership with St. Thomas University

This program starts every fall based on St. Thomas University's intake schedule.

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Who should apply: Individuals wishing to obtain an aviation university degree while preparing for a career in the aviation industry. Do you want to be a airline captain or an airline CEO - This is the program for you!

What You'll Get: This structured program integrates all of the training as well as all of the exams needed to work for an airline. This program will train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-crew, multi-engine aeroplanes in commercial air transportation and to obtain the commercial pilot licence — aeroplane, the multi-engine rating and the Group 1 instrument rating (CPL(A)/IR) as well as a Bachelors of Arts Degree through St. Thomas University.

Program Start Dates: September of each year.

Program Duration: 4 Year University Program

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Kevin Michaud
There are a lot of specialized operations out there flying in fascinating, remote parts of the world; doing interesting things with air planes. I love what I do for a living; really... It has been, and still is an incredible adventure! And I certainly won't ever forget that it all started in Moncton.


Kathleen Legge
From my first step inside dispatch, to my first ground school class through to my first flight at MFC, something just clicked & I knew that this was world-class training. The facilities & staff at MFC really were the deciding factor in my decision to pursue a career as a professional pilot.

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Thanks for your interest in training with MFC Training – let's get flying!

Program Specifications

Integrated Commercial Pilot Courses (ICPC) Including ATP (A) (Degree Program)

In 2001, the Moncton Flight College (MFC), in its ongoing effort to provide Professional Flight Training, has established the Integrated Commercial Pilot Courses (ICPC) including the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Course IATP (A), as yet another option for the career-orientated student.

Upon completion of one of these programs, graduates will receive the Transport Canada approved Integrated Commercial Pilot Certificate, which includes the Commercial Pilot License with a Multi-Engine Rating and Instrument rating from MFC Training as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree from St. Thomas University.

The aim of the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP(A)) integrated course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-crew, multi-engine aeroplanes in commercial air transportation and to obtain the commercial pilot license— aeroplane, the multi-engine rating and the Group 1 instrument rating.

The MFC Training has become one of only a handful of professional flight training centers in Canada to be approved for such a course. For years, flight training consisted of getting a Private License, followed by a Commercial, and possibly a Multi/IFR, with each course being offered separately.

Now, with the Integrated Commercial Pilot Courses, these licenses and ratings are all included within a structured curriculum where the ground school integrates into the flight training. The ICPC includes approximately 500 hours of ground school, 380 hours more than the traditional flight training.

Once you have graduated from this program you will have an IATP(A) certificate and required Transport Canada licenses. This will be further described on the following pages.

Program Length

This is a 48-month program in total in partnership with St. Thomas University.  Students spend the entire first year at STU with a full course load.  Starting with the second year, the STU course load is slowed to 3 courses and the flight training begins with MFC Training and continues for the remaining 36-months.

Start Date

September of each year. Start dates are subject to change. Please visit our website at or .  You can also contact MFC Training admissions at or STU admissions at for exact start dates.

Medical Requirements

Students applying to MFC Training should make arrangements to have a Category I aviation medical as soon as possible in the application process. A list of approved aviation medical examiners (AME) in your area is available on request from MFC Training Student Admissions, or by visiting the Transport Canada website:

Transport Canada approved medical examiners

You will only be accepted into the MFC Training Integrated Commercial Pilot course (ICPC) if your medical has been successfully completed by an approved Transport Canada.

Aviation Medical Examiner; although MFC Training can accept a student based on the back of the application being signed and stamped by the examiner. However, you must have received the Certificate prior to embarking on your first solo flight.

Age Requirements

Students must be at least 17 years old to be accepted in this program and 18 by course completion.

Educational Requirements

Students must have a secondary school diploma or equivalent for the flight training with MFC Training.  STU requires various other courses for their degree portion, these requirements vary by program and the province the applicant attended high school in.  Please contact STU for detailed requirements at or visit Bachelor of Arts (Aviation Stream) – St Thomas University (

Previous Flying Experience Credits

In accordance to Transport Canada rules and regulations, students applying for the ICPC program with a previous license have the following option:

  • Claiming a maximum of 30 flying hours (20 dual & 10 solo) for a private license, although you will be required to attend all ground school for PPL.

Who Can Apply

We can train anyone with a passion and commitment to fly, whether you are Canadian or from overseas.


All tuition for this program is paid to St. Thomas University, for more information on tuition amounts, please contact the University directly at or

**All prices subject to change without notice

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