Commercial Pilot License (CPL) W/Multi-IFR

For pilots who already have their private license and are ready for the next step towards a career as a professional pilot. This program will allow you to achieve your multi-engine and instrument ratings while completing the commercial license. Essentially, we use the hours from the multi-engine and instrument ratings to count towards the commercial license requirements.


Candidates must be 18 years of age for the issuance of a Commercial Pilot License; however they may begin at
the age of 17.


The candidate will also be required to have completed a Category 1 medical approved by Transport Canada.

Program Description

In order to work at all as a pilot, a Commercial Pilot License is required. It is also required to achieve an Airline Pilot License to fly for an airline company.  This option will also include your Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings with your CPL.


Flight times listed are based on Transport Canada CPL minimums of 65 hours. Transport Canada minimum to hold a commercial license is 200 hours. Based on a 60 hour PPL and 32.6 hours from the multi-engine and instrument ratings, candidates would need to time build a further 42.4 hours. Please contact us for a more personalized estimate


*There is no tax on CPL training with MFC Training.

**All prices subject to change without notice

Cost Estimate

Requirement Hours Rate Cost
Dual Instruction - single engine 35.0 326.00 $11,410.00
Solo Practice - single engine 30.0 231.00 $6,930.00
Dual Instruction - multi-engine/instrument rating 20.6 536.00 $11,041.60
Simulator 12.0 231.00 $2,772.00
Ground Briefings 22.6 97.00 $2,192.20
Books and Equipment $305.00
Flight Test Fees (Night rating, CPL, Multi/IFR) $1,000.00
Transport Canada Licensing and exam fees $400.00
Total Estimated Cost $36,050.80

*Total price based on Transport Canada minimums required to complete
**All prices subject to change

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There are a lot of specialized operations out there flying in fascinating, remote parts of the world; doing interesting things with air planes. I love what I do for a living; really... It has been, and still is an incredible adventure! And I certainly won't ever forget that it all started in Moncton.


Kathleen Legge
From my first step inside dispatch, to my first ground school class through to my first flight at MFC, something just clicked & I knew that this was world-class training. The facilities & staff at MFC really were the deciding factor in my decision to pursue a career as a professional pilot.

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