Fast Track Group 1 IFR (Instrument Rating)

Ever wonder how commercial airlines land in fog? An instrument rating provides a pilot the ability to navigate through clouds and other weather to eventually land safety at an airport using only


Candidates must hold a private pilot license or commercial pilot license hold this rating


Prerequisites: 200 hours; multi-engine rating; 50 hours PIC cross country; 25 hours instrument training (Max 10 in an approved FTD or simulator) and the INRAT exam completed.

Program Description

This rating can be completed as an add on for a private license flying or to a commercial license as well.  This rating will allow you to fly planes under instrument conditions while in cloud.


The cost estimates as listed here are for a Group 1 rating.  This rating is based on you holding a multi-engine prior to starting this training and a group 1 will allow you to fly in cloud in a multi-engine aircraft.


Interested in obtaining a Multi-IFR instrument rating over the weekend? Contact our admissions team to learn more about our weekend program options.



*Subject to 15% HST if you hold a PPL.

*There is no HST on commercial training with MFC Training.

**All prices are subject to change without notice

Cost Estimate

Requirement Hours Rate Cost
Dual Training - multi-engine 10.0 536.00 $5,360.00
Dual Training - PFC Simulator 8.0 231.00 $1,848.00
Ground Briefings 5.0 97.00 $485.00
Flight Test 1.5 536.00 $804.00
Flight Test Fee (TC) $300.00
Total Estimated Cost $8,797.00

*Total price based on Transport Canada minimums required to complete
**All prices subject to change

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Kevin Michaud
There are a lot of specialized operations out there flying in fascinating, remote parts of the world; doing interesting things with air planes. I love what I do for a living; really... It has been, and still is an incredible adventure! And I certainly won't ever forget that it all started in Moncton.


Kathleen Legge
From my first step inside dispatch, to my first ground school class through to my first flight at MFC, something just clicked & I knew that this was world-class training. The facilities & staff at MFC really were the deciding factor in my decision to pursue a career as a professional pilot.

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