Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What qualities should I be looking for in a good flight school?
  • The school meets your philosophy, goals and objectives.
  • Housing, financial aid and additional training (i.e. aerobatics and multi-engine training) are available to broaden your experience.
  • The school is backed by a solid history.
  • The operators have all of the necessary credentials.
  • The school has a strong graduation record.
  • Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Type and number of aircraft meet your training needs.
  • Strong airport infrastructure (control tower, flight service station, etc.).
  • MFC Training has some of the best VFR weather which means you get your training done faster and more affordable.
  • Strong Instructor base and leadership teams. MFC Training has over 90 plus years of experience.
What is the first step to begin flying?
  • You will need an aviation medical certificate from one of Transport Canada’s approved medical examiners. MFC Training can help you with this, we will walk you through the process and can help arrange a medical in your area.
  • If you want to arrange a medical yourself, you can look up your closest medical examiner at this link. Transport Canada approved medical examiners link
  • Try an intro flight! Intro flight is a low-cost way to get bitten by the aviation bug. Call us today we can help locate an intro flight in your area.
  • Sit back look up at the sky and map out where you see yourself. Are you walking onboard your big Jumbo Jet airplane? are you telling stories to your passengers that you just flew into a fishing lodge? do you see yourself flying and working in aviation management? If so call us we can define the best path for you.
Can I fit flight training into my busy schedule?    

Absolutely! MFC Training offers a variety of structured and customized programs. What you want when you want it. Let’s chat today and we can discuss the various options.

If I can’t fit ground school into my schedule, do I have other options?    

Yes. MFC’s modular training programs, which are self-study programs, also offers one-on-one ground school training with our instructors. Our Commercial Pilot License (CPL) program also has a self-study option.

How long does it take to finish the Private Pilot’s License program at MFC?    

Can you say 16 weeks? No joke!! Take to the sky in no time. MFC Training has a large fleet, clear skies, and over 150 instructors we can make it happen.

How long does it take to finish the Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) program at MFC?    

9 Months!! And you can show off your shiny new Commercial Licence. MFC Training has a large fleet, clear skies, and over 150 instructors we can make it happen.

After completing the Integrated ATP program, I now have the necessary qualifications but how do I gain the experience required to become an airline pilot?

There are many ways to build hours and experience working as a pilot to qualify for airline positions. There are bush pilot jobs with passengers and cargo in northern or remote areas of Canada, small charter company positions, seasonal work as fire, or pipeline patrol. The world is facing an aviation shortage Canada will need 7,300 new commercial pilots by 2025, COVID did have an impact on the industry but the issues that caused the worldwide pilot shortage are still there. We can’t train enough to meet this demand. So the best time to start is now.

When is the next start date for ground school?    

Please contact us for start dates.

Is there a course outline or syllabus I can refer to? 

We send out program information packages on our courses by either email or mail. The packages include our course outlines, admission requirements and costs.

How many instructors will I have? Am I limited to just one instructor?

You will be assigned a primary flight instructor with whom you will do most of your training. Instructors will be scheduled around your training.

What are the prerequisites to begin flying?
  • Medical, we can help you with that call us for more info
  • High School, call us and we can discuss minimum requirements.
How am I charged for flying hours?

This depends on the program you can choose, we will help you with funding and provide you with an account you can add money to cover your flying needs.

How many aircraft are in your fleet?

Our favourite question, check out our fleet page for more info but we offer the best in class training aircraft, our diverse 60 plus fleet consists of Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse’s, Cessna 172’s, Piper Seminole’s and King Air C90’s.

Can I receive financial assistance for flight training?

MFC is a recognized institution with most National and Provincial Student Loan Programs.  This option is available to domestic students.

With the Pilot shortage many government agencies are providing more funding to aviation programs now then in previous years.

Have you ever heard of Life in Flight? Click here for more info. MFC Training is a subsidiary of Exchange Income Corporation (EIC), who has over 10 airlines in its portfolio. MFC Training has a direct line to these airlines with more options for graduates to gain work.

Do you offer scholarships/Student Loans?

MFC awards prizes and small scholarships at our graduation ceremony each spring. Students who are applying/accepted for provincial and national student loan programs in Canada automatically receive any scholarships and/or bursaries that they are eligible for through student loan programs. When applying for student loans within your province, the province automatically applies for national student loans and any other scholarships and bursaries on your behalf.

Students applying to one of the degree programs with Mount Allison University would be eligible for any scholarships and/or bursaries offered by the university.

Life in Flight program click here for more info.

Is there a diploma or a joint-degree with a University that I can acquire along with the training?

What prerequisites do I need in order to join the Diploma or ICPC Program?

Entry to The ICPC program requires proof of high school graduation at a minimum. In addition to high school graduation, grade 12 academic math is required for the Diploma program.

After completing one of the Integrated Airline Transport (IATP) programs, will I be able to get a job flying a large plane?

Before flying large planes, you will need experience flying smaller aircraft. Once you accumulate the necessary flying hours and experience (1 500 -3 000 hours) and the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), you are eligible for airline jobs.

What kind of job will I be able to get when I’m finished the Professional Pilot Program?

Pilot jobs for students who complete the Professional Pilot Program include Airline Pilot (with the ATPL), bush pilot flying, cargo and passenger flying, seasonal work, including pipeline or fire patrol, and flying with small regional/charter companies.

Can I instruct at MFC when I finish the CPL program and instructor rating?

Yes you can. We prefer to hire instructors from our instructor program, as we like to build our own instructors. We offer an comprehensive instructor program and are very proud of our graduate instructors!

What is student life like at MFC?

The students at MFC are a tight-knit group. They like to work and play as a group, help each other in study groups, and socialize together when not training.

Where are you located?

MFC is located in New Brunswick, Canada. MFC has a campuses in Dieppe, at the Greater Moncton International Airport, and in Fredericton, at the Fredericton International Airport.

What is the weather like at MFC?

Both MFC Training campuses experience a range of weather conditions. The different weather and varied geography foster an enriched flight training experience. Students exit our programs better-equipped to manage four seasons of weather operations safely. Canada’s climate and geography promote better pilot decision-making skills, and the kind of experience employers love when graduates return home. Please check the website for more information.

Where do your students come from?

MFC has trained over 22,000 pilots from 65 countries around the world. We train domestic students, and we have contracts with Chinese airlines. Our students also come from Europe, the Middle East, India, and the Caribbean.

Are there advantages to flying in Canada?

Yes, Canada has one of the most respected flight training standards in the world. Canada’s four-season weather also offers real-world conditions for flight training.

Do you offer helicopter training?

MFC Training currently offers only fixed wing training; however, we are often making improvements and rotary wing training may be something we look at offering in the future!