MFC Training first left the ground in 1929 and has since grown to become one of the largest and most experienced flight training schools in Canada. MFC Training graduates over 350 or more fully trained commercial pilots every year for many of the world’s airlines. MFC Training Campus(s) provides all levels of pilot training for both domestic and International markets From Recreational Pilot Permits through to our Professional Commercial Pilot and Instructor Programs, MFC Training is able to meet your training needs with a fleet of over 50 aircraft.

MFC Training is a subsidiary of PAL Aerospace, an Exchange Income Corporation company.

Meet the Leadership & Admissions Team

MFC Training has over 300 plus years of aviation experience from flight school management, flight instructing, maintenance and airline experience that ensures the best in-class instruction to our students.

Blair Springate // VP of Training

Paul Slaney // Director of Training

Chris Walsh // Director of Quality & Safety / Base Manager

Bob Henderson // Director of Flight Operations (CFI)

Paul Hawkins // Director of Maintenance

Mike Weir // Training Administration Manager

Abigail Locke-Lush // Chief Flight Dispatcher (Moncton)

Lydia Williams // Student Service Administrator

Amanda Welsh // Base Manager / Assistant CFI (Fredericton)

Hasan Aziz // Standards Officer (Fredericton)

Graham Sheppard // Standards Officer (Moncton)

Carey Taylor // Admissions Officer

Wendi Lunney // Office Manager (Fredericton)

Tracy Gunter // Office Manager (Moncton)

Annik Martin // Production Manager (Fredericton)

Glyn Morgan // High Performance Program Manager

Pritam Shenoy // Multi IFR Program Manager (Fredericton)

Elise MacGlashing // Student Program Manager (Moncton)

Ken Branch // Production Manager (Moncton)

Laurie Maher-Piche // Assistant Chief Flight Instructor (Moncton)

Our Promise & Values

To be a leader in aviation training our objective is to give students the best possible flight training that meets their needs, budget and time. Our training philosophy starts with safety and is defined by the following core values: