Professional Programs

MFC Training Aviation Career Pilot Programs provide all of the required flight hours and examinations to graduate with a Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings. This program structure is designed to achieve maximum learning efficiency by ensuring that both flight training and in-class content is integrated through all training phases. These programs allow future pilots to move through the modules in a condensed time frame and provides a quicker transition to becoming a Captains.

Who should apply: Anyone with a passion and commitment to fly, whether they have existing flight experience or not.

What You’ll Get: Integrated Multi-IFR Commercial Pilot’s License, Certification in Aviation Safety Management & Crew Resource Management and depending on the program; a course certificate, a Diploma in Aviation Technology, Bsc or Bcomm degree with Mount Allison University (MtA)

Program Start Dates: Programs start throughout the year; spring/fall for our ICPC program and fall for our Diploma program and the MtA degree programs.

Program Duration: The ICPC program is 12 months in length; The Diploma program is 20 months; The degree’s are 4 year programs.

Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Training (IATP)

In order to work for an airline, a commercial pilot needs a final license called an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). The Integrated programs are an option with Transport Canada where the ATPL ground school and written exams needed for the ATPL are completed on course and offer a 3 year extension on the written exams from 2 years to 5 years. This allows the pilot 5 years to build the required experience needed for sign off with Transport Canada with the exams already completed. All of our professional programs with full options fall into this category.

  • Diploma in Aviation Technology
  • Bsc Degree
  • Bcomm Degree
  • Integrated Commercial Pilot Course (ICPC)
  • Life in Flight Program

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