Life in Flight Career Track

Quality Training. Meaningful Career.

From start to finish, Life in Flight candidates have the support they need to kickstart a successful career as a pilot.

Who We Are

Life in Flight is part of Exchange Income Corporation (EIC), a group that includes MFC Training, and several established regional air operators. EIC’s companies are vital to connecting Canada’s most remote communities and ensuring traditionally underserved communities can prosper.

What We Offer

Life in Flight offers quality pilot training followed by an exciting and secure career within established air operators. We connect candidates to boundless long-term career opportunities in aviation, beginning with a guaranteed first five years within our family of companies.

How it Works

Life in Flight starts with pilot training here at MFC Training. After training, graduates will then build experience as flight instructors. Finally, Life in Flight candidates will be guaranteed a rewarding five-year position as a pilot at one of our companies, based upon your interests and career goals.