2024 Scholarships for Women in Aviation

Flight training can be expensive, however there are many options and opportunities for financial support.

Whether your career goals are to fly Medevac or captain a 747, there’s a scholarship available to you. Scholarships are an excellent way to lower the out-of-pocket expenses associated with flight training. In the aviation industry, there are scholarships for flight training, both fixed-wing and rotary, aircraft maintenance engineers, and operations training. The list below focuses on fixed-wing flight training scholarships.

Both scholarships exclusively available to women and those open to both men and women have been included in this list. Click the name of each scholarship to be directed to the application page, here you will find more information on the scholarship’s criteria. Information on the amount, application deadline, and whether the scholarship is only accepting female applicants has been included below.

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Across Canada

PAL Women In Aviation Scholarship

The PAL Group’s Women in Aviation Scholarship will help the next wave of female leaders in the aviation industry complete their schooling and begin their career in aviation. This scholarship fund of $10,000 annually will be given to a prospective Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

10,000 CAD

Exclusive to Women

NBAM Irving Oil Aviation Scholarship

The Irving Oil Aviation Scholarships enable students to pursue a post-secondary education leading to excellence within the aviation or aerospace sector. This year, NBAM will award $2,500.00 scholarships to two students to offset post-secondary education expenses and encourage further education in the aviation or aerospace sector.

2,500 CAD

COPA Neil J. Armstrong Scholarship

For over 25 years, the COPA Neil J, Armstrong Scholarship has helped open doors for the next generation of aviators. The scholarship, created in honor of Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame inductee Neil J. Armstrong, financially supports flight training to aspiring aviators.

Up to $14,000 CAD

Air Canada Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship

Air Canada offers the Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship in honor of the airline’s first female pilot with the goal of helping the next generation of women follow in her trailblazing footsteps.

99s First Wings Awards

The Spring First Wings Award Application deadline is April 1 each year. Membership join date must be no later than January 1 of that year. The Fall First Wings Award Application deadline is October 1 each year. Membership join date must be no later than July 1 of that year. Based on the completion of specific training milestones, the First Wings Awards are available to Student Pilot Members of The 99s who meet the eligibility requirements.

Exclusive to women

Up to $6,000 CAD

Forest Protection Limited “Xenia Morales – Women In Aviation Scholarship

Forest Protection Limited (FPL), operating for nearly 70 years out of New Brunswick, is a company known for Aerial Work, including aerial firefighting and aerial treatment of pesticides and herbicides. We are looking to encourage women to join or further their aviation industry skills as either pilot or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) apprentice.

FPL – Xenia Morales – Women In Aviation Scholarship

Exclusive to women

Up to $5,000 CAD

British Columbia Aviation Council (BCAC) Awards

Are applicants are required to be members of BCAC

The Len Neufeld Memorial Aviation Scholarship

To honor Len Neufeld, valued former member of the Vernon Flying Club, his family along with members of the VFC established an award to be given annually to a deserving student pilot who is undergoing training at the Vernon Airport. The award is also available to VFC members who are upgrading their license.


Anderson Family Flight Training Scholarship Award

This Award may be presented annually to a deserving High School student in British Columbia to assist in completing their Private Pilot’s License.

Al Michaud Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a member between the ages of 16 and 19 who must demonstrate commitment to finishing flight training.


Conair Group Commercial Aviation Scholarship

Awarded to a B.C. student  to assist in completing their Commercial Pilot’s License; the student will have shown interest in aviation and will have demonstrated a commitment to completing their training. 


John and Michelle Ward Memorial Scholarship

Presented to a student in British Columbia to assist in completing their Commercial Pilot’s license.  The student will have shown an interest in Aviation and will have demonstrated a commitment to complete Commercial Pilot training. 


Mary Swain Memorial Aviation Training Scholarship

Awarded to a B.C. female student  in training for Private or Commercial Pilot’s License, or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License, or in an Airport Operations Program.

Exclusive to women



Dennis O’Brien/John Iverson Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Dennis O’Brien/John Iverson Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. is a memorial trust fund, administered by the Saskatchewan Aviation Council that promotes aviation by awarding two annual scholarships. 


Application Deadline: October 15, 2024


Scholarships offered through Women in Aviation International

These scholarships are open to international applicants. To apply you are required to hold a Women in Aviation International membership.

Exclusive to women

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation CFI Certificate Scholarship

$5,000 USD

Available scholarships: 4

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Instrument Rating Scholarship

$5,000 USD

Available scholarships: 5

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Private Pilot Scholarship

$5,000 USD

Available scholarships: 10

WAI Multi-Engine Rating Scholarship

WAI will award a scholarship to be used for training for a multiengine rating. 

$6,000 USD

Available scholarships: 1

Download Printable PDF

Download the PDF version for printing and sharing.