Virtual Ground School

Looking to increase your aviation knowledge? 45 hours of Ground School virtually delivered live! 


Who should apply: Individuals looking to obtain their Private Pilot’s License. Anyone who wants to increase or review and refresh their knowledge of aviation. 

What You’ll Get: 45 hours (15 weeks) of virtually delivered lecture-style ground school instruction. Gain in-depth knowledge of the theoretical component of aviation.  


Thanks for your interest in training with MFC Training!


Our virtual ground school is customizable, let us know what section you want to learn about.  

Learn about: 

Air Law and Procedures 

Navigation and Radio Aids 


Airframes, Engines, and Systems 

Theory of Flight 

Flight Instruments 

Flight Operations 

Human Factors 

Why Take it Remotely: Flexibility! Your location does not matter, increase your aviation knowledge without going anywhere. Live remote instruction allows you the opportunity to engage with your instructor and ask questions.  

When can you Start: Sign up anytime. We provide custom start dates!  

Required Course Materials: Once you have registered, we will send you a course materials list. 

Program Length: This is a 45-hour (15 week) program with two two-hour sessions per week. 

Program Description: Ground school is an essential component to flight training. Remote ground school will provide all the necessary theoretical components to obtain a Private Pilot’s License. The entire program is broken into four primary subject areas: air law, navigation, meteorology, and aeronautics -general knowledge. Remote ground school is a continually running program, offering the ability to join during any section. This also provides the opportunity to select particular sections.