International Student Program

Comprehensive commercial pilot training completed in just one year.

As Canada’s largest flight school MFC Training has trained students from over 65 countries in its almost a century of flight. To better meet the needs of international students looking to flight train in Canada, MFC Training is proud to launch the International Student Program (I.S.P.). This program achieves what no other flight training program in Canada has – a full-service, comprehensive commercial pilot training experience completed in one year.

This program offers:

  • Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (R.C.IC.) to assist with acquiring a visa
  • Accommodations
  • Buy-in meal plan
  • Situational Awareness Training (S.A.T.)
  • Integrated Commercial Pilot Courses


Who should apply: International students who want an all-in package to fast track them to an airline captain’s seat.

What You’ll Get: This structured program integrates all of the training as well as all of the exams needed to work for an airline. The program will train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-crew, multi-engine airplanes in commercial air transportation and obtain the commercial pilot license — airplane, the multi-engine rating, and the Group 1 instrument rating (ATP/A). All this plus an R.C.I.C. to help with the visa process, accommodations, SAT language training, and an optional buy-in meal plan!

Program Start Dates: May 2, 2022

Program Duration: This is a 12-month (52 week) program.

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No Headaches – Everything Taken Care of

MFC Training has a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (R.CI.C.) that will handle the application process for your study visa. What does that include?

  • Initial assessment (transcript, IELTS, proof of funds, identity, background etc)
  • Study permit instructions
  • Document collection 
  • Ongoing immigration consultations
  • Representative submission letter tailored to applicant
  • Assistance with applicant letter of explanation
  • Study permit submission
  • Vaccination Country and Provincial protocols package is available

When it comes to accommodations, students can stay in housing provided by MFC Training right next to our Moncton campus or they can have MFC Training assist with off-campus accommodations on their behalf. We will even assist with transportation if you require it. The buy-in meal option is a great addition if you don’t want to worry about grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking.

The modern airport is a very busy and dynamic environment, it demands that you be “in the moment” at all times to stay mentally ahead of your aircraft. Situational Awareness is the key to making timely and appropriate decisions that directly and indirectly affect the safety of all the aircraft and crew with which you interact. An additional critical component of Situational Awareness is Situational Understanding. It is critical for today’s pilots to understand and be aware of the situation in which they are operating. For this reason, MFC Training developed Situational Awareness Training, otherwise known as SAT. 

“MFC Training has this special training called SAT, Situational Awareness Training. I would say this is the most unique and valuable training that helped so many students to overcome the fear of talking to Air Traffic Controllers when students have just begun their flight training. It will allow students to become familiar with communicating to ATC and other traffics in the training area, ATC phraseology, control zone procedures and training area procedures. SAT helps students go on solo flights faster and safer. 
As an instructor, I feel students who successfully finished SAT show “Night and Day” difference, proving the effectiveness of SAT.”

– Hajoon Choi: MFC Training Class 3 Instructor, Former International Student

Interested in Working for MFC Training After Graduating?

MFC Training is always looking for instructors! We commonly hire our students as instructors after graduating. Not only is this an excellent way to build hours but a perfect pathway to the airlines.

MFC Training is an Exchange Income Corporation subsidiary. We are part of a network of over five airlines. This provides a clear pathway for MFC Training graduates with unique options such as northern flying with Air Borealis or captaining a DASH-8 Q400 for PAL Airlines.

“I began my flight training in 2015 with the joint program with Mount Allison University. The training was provided by great instructors who always kept my objectives in mind. I really enjoyed my time in MFC training such that I joined the team as a Flight Instructor in 2018 after graduating and have been working for 3 years so far!

The hallmarks of flight training are high standards of service, work ethic & a safety-driven approach to flying, and MFC checks all those boxes.

If being a Commercial Pilot is your goal, check out MFC training to get you started in the right direction!”

– Rohit Bhojwani: MFC Training Class 2 Instructor, Former International Student

Integrated Commercial Pilot Courses Including ATP (A)

In 2001, the Moncton Flight College (MFC), in its ongoing effort to provide Professional Flight Training, has established the Integrated Commercial Pilot Courses (ICPC), including the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Course IATP (A), as yet another option for the career-orientated student.

Upon completion, graduates will receive the Transport Canada approved Integrated Commercial Pilot Certificate, which includes the Commercial Pilot License with Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings.

The aim of the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP(A)) integrated course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-crew, multi-engine airplanes in commercial air transportation and to obtain the commercial pilot license— airplane, the multi-engine rating and the Group 1 instrument rating (CPL(A)/IR).

The MFC Training has become one of only a handful of professional flight training centers in Canada to be approved for such a course. For years, flight training consisted of getting a Private License, followed by a Commercial, and possibly a Multi/IFR, with each course being offered separately.

Now, with the Integrated Commercial Pilot Courses, these licenses and ratings are all included within a structured curriculum where the ground school integrates into the flight training. The ICPC includes approximately 500 hours of ground school and 250 hours of self-study, 380 in-class hours more than the traditional flight training.

Once you have graduated from this program, you will either have an IATP; ICPC/IR (King Air B200) or ICPC/A certificate and required Transport Canada licenses.

Program Length

This is a 12-month (52 week) program.

Start Date

This program starts May 2, 2022. If you are interested in later dates, let the admissions team know!

Medical Requirements

Students applying to MFC Training should make arrangements to have a Category I aviation medical as soon as possible in the application process. A list of approved aviation medical examiners (AME) in your area is available on request from MFC Student Admissions, or by visiting the Transport Canada website:

Transport Canada approved medical examiners

You will only be accepted into the MFC Training Integrated Commercial Pilot course if your medical has been successfully completed by an approved Transport Canada Aviation Medical Examiner, although MFC Training can accept a student based on the back of the application being signed and stamped by the examiner. However, you must have received the certificate prior to embarking on your first solo flight.

Age Requirements

Students must be at least 17 years old to be accepted in this program and 18 by course completion.

Educational Requirements

Students must have a secondary school diploma or equivalent.

Previous Flying Experience Credits

In accordance with Transport Canada rules and regulations, students applying for the ICPC program with a previous license have the following option:

  • Claiming a maximum of 30 flying hours (20 dual & 10 solo) for a private license, although you will be required to attend all ground school for PPL.

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Why MFC Training?

MFC Training is Canada’s largest flight school and, having left the ground in 1929, one of Canada’s oldest as well. This combination means one thing – experience. MFC Training trains 450 students annually with graduates from over 65 countries.

“There was no discrimination against international students whether you were in Modular program, where it’s self-paced, or in ICPC (Integrated Commercial Pilot Course). Everyone is treated equally and you will be able to progress very quickly as long as you are ready. On top of large number of resources available, MFC Training’s 24-hour operation is also what differentiates from other flight schools. You will be able to finish your “time building” in as little as 2-3 weeks (2-3 flights/day). In other flights schools, this time building stage alone will take anywhere between 4-12 months or more.”

– Hajoon Choi: MFC Training Class 3 Instructor, Former International Student

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